I have always loved afros. I’m always doodling afros. Now that I am in a sales job and on the phone all day, I’m drawing afros In my notebook as I take notes. I’ve gotten to where I draw one every day during the work week. I decided a while back to take a shot of my day’s afro and bring it home to color it in Adobe Illustrator. So, I’ve decided to create an “Afro A Day”. I’ll probably do one afro a day for 30 days. This may turn into something more in the future. I may do a video tutorial on the process of coloring one in Illustrator. Maybe I will sell them for a billion dollars each. Well, I don’t want to come across as being too greedy. Maybe Instead of bringing in $30 billion for the sale of my 30 works of afro art, I could just charge $333,333.333333333333333 for each afro art and pull in a mere $1 million. That shouldn’t seem greedy. With the average American household income being $50,756 a year, I could only live an average life for 19.702104184726929 years with $1 million. I’m 42 years old. That won’t even get me to retirement! What I’m saying is, $333,333.333333333333333 is a good deal…


The last afro of 2017. Some were better than others. 30 afros in all. There’s no other hairstyle worthy of such.

‘Twas fun.

No matter who you are, this guy is a mixture of no less than three people you know…

with an afro.


And an afro.

This girl…


This here afro is both symmetrical and asymmetrical.

And here is today’s afro.

This guy has an afro.

I did’t take a picture my notes at work which housed today’s afro. So, here’s one that that I did whilst takeing notes at church.

Alpha male power pose…

with an afro.

I had a jacket like this in high school. Megan, who sits next to me at work has one. So now this guy has one… with an afro.

This Afro-A-Day has some stubble.

Whilst the offspring played at the park, I done took a piece of mulch and totally used it as if it were a piece of chalk!… and made this guy with and afro.

Here’s another girl…

With an afro.

Now here’s this one. This guy is wearing a t-shirt and he has an afro!

Here’s this guy.

With an afro.

Here’s one that I did. It’s got a paintbrush stroke texture on it.

And an afro.

My family and I were at McDonald’s letting the offspring play in the play area whilst I was adding color and detail to this afro girl. A man came in who had an Afro. He brought his son and I figured he would come into the play area. I planned on asking him if I could take his picture and give him a link to the website. He ended up leaving without bringing his kid in there. So, I’ll probably just take a friend’s picture and add an afro, because none of my current friends are cool enough to actually have afros.

This one was made this way by request.  So, here it is…This way…

By Richard’s son. Lala la la la la lala Reagan here. I’d like to tell you something. Once upon a time Baby Dumbdumb When out to play. He played with his mommy and his daddy. And his Dumbdumb brother. The End. Never hear it again. dfdfgygyfaygfyeyfudysdfgsydtfygdytgf>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>????

Done by my son with the built-in dictation on Mac OS.

James was all, “you should make one with samurai swords”. Well, here it is…Minus the samurai swords.

Mmmmmmm sophisticated mamaaaaa!

I’d been watching a lot of Reggie Watts videos… This isn’t him, but there’s some him present.

This guy just ended up looking like a hipster.However, I’ve never seen a perfect round afro on a hipster in person.