Richard Smotherman

Richard Smotherman

Prime Minister of Graphic Design

  • I am very handsome
  • I like cardboard
  • I like LEDs
  • I’m a graphic designer
  • I’m an illustrator
  • I’m a Christian
    (Which influences the type of projects I take on)
  • You are currently on my website

Richard has created 3 package designs for my company, and they were exactly what we wanted. He was responsive and considerate of our requests. During the design process, he made creative suggestions and tweaks that we never would have thought of, but found absolutely necessary once we saw them! His work was further validated when customers described our design exactly as we had hoped – “sophisticated and modern”. Having seen many other examples of his work, I consider him to be a very versatile artist who is capable of producing a wide range of styles on various media. I can wholeheartedly recommend him for your project, whether it’s design for web, print, packaging, or anything else that requires a creative mind and a skilled hand.

Chris P.

Owner, Gilbert Henry