Carey, Leisure & Neal

This site is currently being constructed by back end web developers. Working with the fine folks at a2b MOTION.

Gardner Orthopedics

This site is currently up and running. Professional photography is being done on the facilities right now and will soon receive a major face lift as a result. Working with the fine folks at a2b MOTION.


This was a design update. I also added some opt-in bribes.

Frederic Gray

This site has since been changed to the Get Noticed theme. Great theme but not my design since I was not available when it was switched over. You can see some of the information product package design I did for Mr. Gray here:

(ISC)Website Comp

A version of this design was chosen to move forward with but due to a change in structure and CRM/CMS, this design never fully saw the light of day.

Generation Income Properties

This site was a simple WordPress install. I ended learning a lot about local hosting and site migration from this project. I worked with the fine folks at Full Throttle Intermedia for this one.


The Pillars

This was an business incubator. It is now operating under a different name. I did the home page design and handed it over to another designer to do the interior pages.

(ISC)2 Official Training Provider Site

Prospect Funding Partners

I did the home page layout and handed the files to the totally awesome mega code wiz John Aloia who matched the design pixel for pixel.


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