Jeff Walker Should Hire Richard


Kristen Arnold! Kristen Arnold! Kristen Arnold! Kristen Arnold! Please watch my SPECIAL MESSAGE FOR KRISTEN ARNOLD video. Below are some links referred to in the message:

Hey Kristen Arnold!

I’m super-duper-ultra-mega-big time- interested in working for Jeff in the Web & Graphic Design position! Any help you could provide getting me in front of the right people would be verr verr much appreciated. I’d be happy to provide a custom portfolio if there is anything you’d like to see more of and will be happy to hear any constructive criticism/advice you have to offer.


WIIFM? Well, I’ll totally send you an ice cold Coke that says “Buddy” on it! Reciprocation, a weapon of mass influence (ch5), but a bit backwards. I’ll also tell everyone I know how awesome you are.

Here’s my Résumé,

…If you’re into that sort of thing…

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