Beyond Creation Science Book Cover Beyond Creation Science
Timothy P. Martin and Jeffrey L. Vaughn PhD
religion, bible, creation, age of the earth, covenant creation, creation science, evolution, theology, hermeneutics, 70AD, Covenant Eschatology
Apocalyptic Vision Press; 3rd edition
December 24, 2007

I loved this book. In my opinion, it helps answer some of the biggest problems in Christianity today. It discusses the history of millennialism and the importance of using a consistent hermeneutic to interpret scripture.

In this book the authors claim that Genesis is a record of God creating a covenant with his chosen people and does not Address of the physical creation of the universe and the time space continuum. At least not as its main focus.

I will just say that anybody looking into God versus science or science versus creation must read and consider this book!

I will write a more thorough review of this book at a later time. I am very excited about this book and think every serious Bible student should read it and at least be aware of its content. I think this is a very important book.


More later…